Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And on that farm there was Mr. Zober, e-i-e-i-oh!

Other inside baseball (and barnyard) thoughts:

When the cat is away, the mice will play. Humm. Seems that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is out of town today. So, in the lobby of the 5th floor, both before and after the city council meeting when the UPMC tax credit associated with the Pittsburgh Promise was being milked -- Mr. Zober was there. When the discussion went before the camera, at council's table, the only one to speak for the administration was a guy who didn't even read the deal but was named in the legislation.

Schenley High School could still be saved. Bill Peduto had a meeting with Mr. Mark Roosevelt and a number of 'concerned parents' tonight. Bill spoke of this as he entered a public hearing on the North Side at the "old library" and the original Carnegie Music Hall.

Seems that there is a plan to tell the whole story of Schenley this time. Part one is how much it costs to fix up Schenley High School. But, there are three or more other parts to the full formula. Moving costs money. Where they want to move to costs money to fix up. And, it is inferior to what is already available at Schenley anyway. And, selling where they want to move to could be sold instead. That could make money and income for the future in taxes.

The reuse of Schenley High School would, I guess, go to Pitt. That makes for another tax exempt building. The sale price is one thing. But, can that sales price be shrunk based upon the Pittsburgh Promise donations from UPMC. (nevermind) However, if Pitt operated Schenley for the years to come -- that property would NOT generate new tax income for the city.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Selling Reisenstein (ex-Middle School) as a commercial property, perhaps with town homes, next to a park, near tennis courts, near the Bakers Square development, could make real income for the city for generations to come.

What does Heather, the new chick (barnyard) or 'peep' say?

E-i-e-i-o! With a snort-snort-here and and a bark-bark there...

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