Friday, December 14, 2007

Official site of the Pittsburgh Steelers - NEWS

Official site of the Pittsburgh Steelers - NEWS What is the key to defeating the Jaguars?
Red zone efficiency
Control the line of scrimmage
Contain Taylor and Jones-Drew
Protect Roethlisberger
The key to beating the Jags this Sunday at Heinz Field is not listed on the quiz/survey now running on the Steelers home page. The key to winning the game is, "Score more points."

There are two very important keys to life: First is, "Show up." Second is, "Score more points."

We are not sure that Big Ben is going to 'show up' as he didn't practice the past two days due to a shoulder injury.

Hope he takes it easy and keeps "the clear" and "the cream" in the trainers locker. Would hate to see these footballers acting like they play baseball. (giggle)

We love Charlie Batch too.

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