Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are you ready for some football? Grant and I are going to Sunday's game. His birthday gift.

My second son, Grant, has always wanted to go to a professional football game. He gets his wish on Sunday -- as his 10th birthday gift. He turned 10 on Dec 4. That's when we told him about the tickets.

Mom purchased the tickets from a friend / season ticket holder (or some connection) via work. Nice.

Word is that the seats are up high -- and under the roof if should rain.

I'm not too sure what we can bring into the game. Camera, binoculars, seat pillow, stadium blanket, pockets stuffed with a few snacks sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly). Is that okay?

I know that umbrellas are NOT allowed.

Tips, suggestions and other insights are welcomed.

Any tailgates out there that could float an invite our way? Post-game tailgates?

We might take the Gateway Clipper from Station Square -- as we can walk to Station Square. I had thought about hitting the brunch at the Hard Rock Cafe before the game. But, we've got a church gig / pageant.

And when is the game? Is it a 1 pm kickoff?

I remember going to a game with my dad at 3RS when I was little. The Steelers got their buts kicked -- as was generally the case. But that day, they were playing the Green Bay Packers. We left early and went to the Hilton Hotel lobby to get some player autographs of the visiting team. Bart Starr was one of my favorites. He went an entire season and only tossed 4 interceptions, I think. We saw Ray Ray Nitzke Nitzke. In street clothes, he could blend into the crowd.

After the game we walked up the stairs and over the Ft. Pitt Bridge. There was a swell of people heading out of the stadium and to those steps -- and for a few minutes, my feet didn't touch the ground. I was amused. Not scared. But felt very small -- among the fans.

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