Monday, December 17, 2007

City Council Asked To Give UPMC 'Pittsburgh Promise' Tax Credits - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

Ravenstahl Wants City Council To Give UPMC 'Pittsburgh Promise' Tax Credits - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh: UPMC has issued a statement saying the side agreement is an 'essential condition' of its agreement to contribute up to $100 million to the Pittsburgh Promise.
Where is this statement?

Oh my gosh. Something stinks.

Let's rumble at a public hearing in January. This can't go down like they want.

The regular city council meeting for Wednesday is Tuesday this week. A standing committee session is slated to begin at 10 am, 5th floor, city-county building. Look for the Christmas Tree.

The public has the opportunity to speak for 3-minutes at the start of the meeting. I'm one of the 'regulars.' I go every other week now. We talk. They listen. Much like school board.
But after we talk, they go on with the meeting. Everyone is invited.

As new "laws" (legislation) get introduced at one meeting, that was today for this new wrinkle on the Pgh Promise, the public is provided with a three day period to file a petition to call for a public hearing. Then city council generally gets to talk first about new laws at its standing committee -- tomorrow. This got fast tracked. Final vote would be Dec 27, I think.

Then the session ends for the year. Three new members arrive in early Jan.

Perhaps it is time to talk about "lame ducks." These lame ducks should do NOTHING.

Talk about Schenley and high school reform too.

Meetings are to start at 10 am. Generally they are late -- say 10:15. Expect 4 to 10 people to speak for 2-3 minutes. Just go to the podium / microphone when you want in that period. No sign up needed.

We need to get 25 signatures on a petition and that needs to go in within 3 days of the bill being introduced. That calls for a public hearing. We might need to talk tough as they'll hate to hold a public hearing. But, we're in the right.

If we make a lot of buzz tonight, tomorrow, ASAP -- then that might be a brush back and they'll set up a public hearing for January.


Anonymous said...


Excellent work on blogging on this.

do you agree with the contribution?

While I agree with the contribution, it does not deserve a dollar for dollar tax break.

Where are the lawyers when we need them?

I am sure other non profits within the city are watching this very carefully and planning to dispute this in some manner, aside from, I hope the public and taxpayers.

Not sure this is a great deal. Where was this side deal at when the contribution was originally announced?

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Nothing stinks here. This is exactly what you get when no one in this area will out Ravenstahl for what he is. He is a protegy of Ron Burkle. He is being mentored by the master Bill Clinton. This is also the result of a City Council composed of people who got their jobs thru political connections rather than any educational or business ability. The taxpayers of Pittsburgh get exactly what they deserve. Relect Dan Onorato and Luke!