Saturday, December 15, 2007

YMCA to add second Downtown site

So sad to say, if there is one thing that UPMC has messed up over the years -- it is fitness. UPMC has stumbled in this area so much that it must be scared to step onto the treadmill.
YMCA to add second Downtown site At the U.S. Steel Tower, the Downtown Y will team with UPMC, which is moving its headquarters into the city's tallest skyscraper, to operate a wellness center.
To partner with the Downtown YMCA is "interesting."

It might be a nice perk for the top brass at UPMC. How nice for them.

Would have been nice to see UPMC team with the Pens and get a real fitness and community center in The Hill as part of the CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) or in Uptown by Mercy.

It would be nice if the UPMC facility on the South Side had access -- as promised in our CBA -- before CBAs were called CBAs. Twice a month -- 24 times a year -- the community is to have access to the indoor football practice facility. Camps, competitions, community expos and a wide range of other things -- run by community organizations and leaders -- do NOT happen there.

So, who thinks this is true?

With UPMC, which will start moving in this spring (2008), nearly 10,000 people will work in the U.S. Steel Tower alone.
Is that saying UPMC will have 10,000 workers in USX or that there will be 10,000 workers in USX including some from UPMC?

This is what the Downtown YMCA should be doing more and more of. Taking care of downtown workers is not the core mission of the YMCA.

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