Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Luke broke my heart. Another gets the nod for the Ethics Hearing Board.

Luke picked another, not me, for the open slot on the Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board. And, it is a lawyer.

I saw Mr. Roberts today in city hall. He is a lawyer who is an "OVERLORD." I asked him what he thought of the possibility of city council hiring its own attorney. I had suggested that city council use the crack lawyers from one of the two oversight boards that are still in town, rather than contracting for its own legal advice only to pitch fights among different departments -- like intramurals.

Mr. Roberts gave a cute reply when he said that you can never hire too many attorneys.

Taxpayers got another kick in the teeth -- straight from the overloard.

I think it is fitting to call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean a 'good start.'

And on the 4th of July Luke is going to marry a couple. He doesn't know how to do it. If I was mayor, I'd marry someone every weekend. It would be a boost for destination weddings -- in Pittsburgh. And, we'd do lots of wedding receptions, renewals, reunions and block parties too.

I assume the ceremony is going to involve a man and women.

This weekend is the Riverview Park 5K. Good if you are fit, part goat and wear Heelies for the downhill. Luke has run that race in the past. Wonder if Jason is going?

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