Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Schenley Chatter from the important customers -- we know best -- by the way!

The PPS website has the press release and the two PPTs up -- one for sci-tech. They're interesting in a sickening sort of way. At least the sci-tech was, I didn't get to the other. I particularly liked the page with two spelling errors in the first two bullet points. Also the one saying why Westinghouse couldn't be used -- they'd have to rip out things that they already put in but haven't used to make new stuff. Huh? And it would be cheaper to do it there, but well, see previous sentence. And it would still be undercapacity (I guess this program absolutely, positively can't grow).

To get you up to speed, tonight Roosevelt recommended using Frick for Sci-Tech next year (2009). Renovations will be done over the next year, while the kids are there.


Oh they just need to table all of these changes until they come up with a plan for everyone...but we all know that. Yes, all of the pictures and trophys are out of the Schenley first floor. It felt weird and sad and as the message said "creepy". It just seems like the middle and low achieving kids are going to be left out in the cold. Since I have heard that Roosevelt ultimately wants to get rid of the Gifted Program I am supposing some of those teachers would want to move to the sci tech school. Of course, I did not see anyone from administration at Schenley's awards ceremony last evening.

This really sucks.

Make a list of the best middle schools. Frick is there, at the top.

Now make a list of the worst schools.

Guess what schools get changes and what schools are left alone? Mark Roosevelt is doing it all wrong. He is smashing apart the good schools and he ignores the bad ones.

Frick should continue as a middle school.

The Science and Technology school should be put into the under capacity, low performing, recently renovated, yet great technology legacy -- Westinghouse High School.

And, the Superintendent's office, the Pittsburgh Public School Administration and the board of education should also move into Westinghouse High School too, if they wish. There is plenty of room. Then they'd move out of a valued building that can be sold, the Oakland Board of Ed building. And, the money from the sell-off of the Board's present building can be re-invested to fix up Schenley High School. The asbestos removal from Schenley High School is NO MORE THAN $10-Million (as reported to from the PPS numbers).

Frankly, I'd rather see the Pittsburgh Board of Education and its administration move to Langley High School. But that is another conversation.

For now, the whole plan needs to be put on the table. Otherwise, nothing should be done. Nothing.

Mark Roosevelt's plans are going to kill the city.


Anonymous said...

It is a terrible slap in the face that the trophies and photos are gone before the last student leaves the building. How very sad and disrespectful. If this was done to avoid items leaving as unauthorized souvenirs say so then hire security guards to prevent anyting going missing or leave very significant pieces til the last minute on the last day of school.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Where are all the sports legacy items from South Vo Tech?

Still in limbo waiting the opening of a new Vo Tech High School I bet.

Yeah, right.