Monday, October 06, 2008

Baseball, anyone????

My Tweet asks:
Will folks in Pittsburgh care about Major League Baseball's playoffs now that Philly is to the next round. vs LA next. Yawn, Boo or Cheer?
We have a 'cheese stake' in this race, right?

What are our connections to brotherly love, after all?

The Admiral, of course. He is presently a Philly-based blogger that can't seem to fully butt out of the Pittsburgh blogging seascape -- err -- escape -- as many of the others in this village have done N@.

Fast Eddie, of course.


Family and friends, too many to mention.

How many ex-Pirates are still playing baseball this year? It is time for a Tim Wakefield update? Supan?

How many ex-residents are playing ball now? We always are suckers for the home-grown talent. Who can we cheer for, besides the Buckeye QB, mentioned already today.

This week is a Steelers bye week. So, we've got some extra cycles to devote to something, besides the 2nd presidential debate and Survivor Gabon.

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