Monday, October 06, 2008

From about Keating and McCain and the new flick

Obama Tries to Connects the Dots with Keating Doc: The Obama campaign has kept its powder dry on the so-called Keating Five scandal -- the savings and loan controversy from the early '90s which found John McCain criticized by the Senate ethics committee for his relationship with California S&L figure Charles Keating. Until now. At noon ET today, the Obama campaign is releasing a 13 minute documentary shot in a polished doc style that would do Errol Morris proud. Politico's Mike Allen has more on the strategy behind the campaign's Keating focus. With a microsite built around the film at, what could have been dismissed as a dredging up of ancient history actually ties the Keating scandal to a powerful theme: that the crony corporatism witnessed during the S&L mess is still at play during our current economic crisis. That's a tough case to make in 30 second TV spot or two minute web ad -- much easier to lay it out in a 13 minute mini-film. And hey, why not launch it right at lunchtime east coast time, when people are looking for a little entertainment? The innovative technique all but guarantees it will attract attention: the trailer for the film has already gotten more than 270,000 views. Worth nothing is the contrast between this and how the McCain camp is treating the situation involving former Weatherman Bill Ayers -- as much as McCain would love to highlight the connection between Ayers and Obama, neither his campaign nor the RNC has produced anything like what team Obama is doing here with Keating; a search for "Ayers" on, for example, produces this: No documents were found."#

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