Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Open Debates is a good place to start

Face it, last night's 90 minute debate between McCain and Obama sucked. It was a waste.
Open Debates 'The Commission on Presidential Debates is a corrupt stranglehold on our democracy.'
I blame the Ds and the Rs. I blame the media too.

Debates' Commission Masterminds Most Somnolent Event: Last night's presidential "town hall" in Nashville hosted by Tom Brokaw was a bust, suggests Micah Sifry. First things first: the word on the street yesterday was that six million votes had poured in through, the love child of MySpace and the Commission on Presidential Debates. You might remember that we expressed a bit of skepticism about that rather enormous rate of public participation yesterday, and yes, we're bragging, because last night Brokaw pegged the number at a far more plausible "tens of thousands." No matter how many there were, only four "from the Internet" questions were actually asked during the debate. (Answered is a different story -- both candidates made Laila Ali proud with their ability to bob and weave.) So, Micah, how do we fix it? Luckily, he's got ideas, and they center around finally grasping that we have the tools to handle living in a world of abundance. (By the way, we'd love to ask the CPD how many questions actual came in online, but their website lists no contact information -- or even a debate schedule. Democracy!) If you're newly interested in the idea of debate reform, Open Debates is a good place to start.

So as to not just be negative, while offering the solution of Open Debates -- I've got another.

Tune into the first episode of a new TV show: "Worst Week." Watch them in order from 1 to 3. They are on Comcast On Demand, without an extra charge. Funny stuff, like the Keystone Cops of modern time. Way better than the debates with only the D and R.

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