Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin, Joe Biden And The Lost City of Incan Gold

I just read where Hillary Clinton had nice things to say about Sarah Palin, the Alaska Governor who is running for vice president on the Republican ticket. It's obvious that through her decidedly silent support of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton knows that the Democratic standard bearer is nothing but an empty suit.

I heard a little of the debate on my satellite radio last night, after seeing a Sneak Preview of the wonderful movie "Flash of Genius." Biden sounded tremendous, exactly like the 30-plus year Washington insider should. On the radio Palin sounded a little rehearsed, a little nervous. Critics had pounded it into our heads that Palin needed to come out like Rocky Balboa in the final round of Rocky II, you know where the Italian Stallion won it all for Adrian.

The results were remarkably standard: Democrats said Biden won, Republicans were assured that Palin won. In many ways, they both won. And in many ways they both lost.

I've said since the Palin pick that unless the wheels fell off the wagon, the Republicans had the election in the bag. Then Wall Street took a nose dive. Fickle America blamed President Bush and the Republicans.

That might just be the wheel off the wagon. It's looking more like the most unqualified Presidential candidate in the history of Presidential elections might get the key to the Lost City of Incan Gold.

The PBS Moderator who has a vested, financial interest--not unlike a bettor at a dog track--in Barack Obama winning was smart enough to not divulge that very important information to the group that chose her for the most eagerly-awaited vice presidential debate since they've been airing on television. Gwen Iffill is just the latest of the Limousine Liberals to call themselves objective journalists involved in this election cycle. Oddly enough, Gwen was quoted in an Associated Press article leading up to the debate, saying that there was nothing "out there" to claim she was pulling for Obama's ticket. She must have forgotten that she is in the midst of writing a book about famous African Americans who she admires. It was quickly pointed out that Colin Powell, who was never elected to any post anywhere, is also featured in the book. Woop tee doo.

The comparisons between Obama and Jesus have been toned down considerably, but there is still an outpouring of Liberal assistance, positioning the Democratic ticket as the best thing since Jesus provided anything to anybody.

Dennis Miller, who is clearly the most thoughtful comedian out there working mainstream rooms today--he's the ONLY comedian not comparing President Bush to Satan himself--was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He was quick to point out the him or hate him, President Bush is not the Anti-Christ, which got a tremendous response from the audience. I've called Bill Cosby the most important comedian, perhaps of any generation that paid attention to comedians, because he bucked the trends of vulgarity and non-accountability. Sure, Cos has had his own personal demons, but who wouldn't in his position. Miller may just be the most important in 2008 because he doesn't always go for the low-hanging fruit of conservative damnation.

If Hillary Clinton opened the door for women in national politics, Sarah Palin blew it completely open. Hillary has been angling for the post since the day Bill Clinton first announced he was running for president. Sarah Palin didn't need to hold onto her husband's coat tails for anything. Plus, she seems completely and absolutely likable. Anyone who thinks Palin should be removed from the ticket simply doesn't "get it." She's the best thing in this entire campaign, and the true trail blazer, not Obama.

Joe Biden needed to be chosen by Barack Obama because he is the "experienced old white guy" he needed. During the last Presidential election cycle, producers of American Idol wanted a "Presidential Idol" type show, and candidate. Quietly that show idea went away. Instead, four years later we have a terrorist and extremist-loving empty suit with a creepy, doll's eyes wife who is close to the Oval Office.

Rachel Maddow, the mainstream-hating smirk-meister was on her television program today, picking apart Palin's quotes from the debate. With half-quotes and quarter-sentences, Maddow questioned everything about Palin, expect for her hair style. Maddow prefers the bulldog Bob of the average Rosie O'Donnell blog reader. Let's see Maddow, with her constant "why isn't everyone an elitist like me" Elvis lip curl do any better on the biggest stage of her life.

History professors, the smart ones anyway, will teach future generations that--despite the ultimate turn out--that this is the most groundbreaking Presidential election in quite a while, not just because a pampered African American made it to the top of the Democratic ticket, but a truly notable woman has changed the political landscape forever.


Anonymous said...

It's to bad that you cannot open your eyes. 1) Obama is both intelligent and cautious in his responses. This tells me he'll consider options and listen to others and their views prior to making a decision. Unlike McCain who reacts and then suffers the consequences. His choice of the MOST UNQUALIFIED person to ever run on a ticket says so much about his thought process. She's displayed little intellectual capacity and is simply a parrot for the talking points fed.

flamingo said...

What is really too bad is that you are completely taken in by Joe Biden's experienced Washington personna. Too bad it's all fantasy. Check his facts on the Israel situation as he described - Obama and myself and France saved the world. Better yet this is not the first time he recites complete fiction as if it were fact.
Here's some perspective, Biden is the foreign policy experience bandaid for the Democratic ticket? Only if we are going on a trip with Alice...

History Chasers said...

And it is too bad you cannot open your eyes and ears. Any person of intelligence knows Obama cannot lower taxes and provide the free health insurance, college tuitions, and all the other pie-in-the-sky programs, costing hundreds of billions of dollars that he has promised. He is counting on the inexperienced voter to believe this and give him the margin. His ads are even targeting Spanish only speakers with threatning language about McCain. In truth McCain offers illegal immigrants a way to become citizens.

Don't believe the lies and half truths. And take off your blinders and look at Obama's real record.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Obama is intelligent, but not cautious about his answers. He is NOT qualified for dog catcher of the United States. Look, Dick Cheney is probably the MOST qualified vice president in any of our lifetimes, yet he is portrayed as evil.

Obama simply cannot fund everything he wants without gigantic tax increases. Everyone knows that.

At least those who grasp anything about economics and competitive markets. Oops, socialists don't. That's why he's a "savior" to the thin-brained.

Matt H said...

"yet he is portrayed as evil. "

Because he is an evil man.