Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Allegheny County voter turnout just under 21 percent

Allegheny County voter turnout just under 21 percent: "The region's highest-profile race, in which Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl fended off Councilman Patrick Dowd and attorney Carmen Robinson, didn't turn out to be a big draw. In unofficial results, 45,356 votes were cast, compared to 58,843 in 2005, 67,657 in 2003, and 66,730 in 1997."
I don't know how 5.5 percent of the people who were not Ds and not Rs got in to vote. Did they wear masks of Nixon and Clinton?

In the city, that percentage would be equal to zero.

Getting 30,000 votes would have been the formula for a win. Still would be a good goal for the fall of 2009. I think 30,000 makes the candidate mayor.

At $1 per vote, which is close to my average, I could win the mayor's race with $30,000.

How much did Luke spend in the end?

How many voters did he get?

What are those cost per votes?

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"Trapper" Tom Leturgey said...

See if you can get ACORN to help you out. Fraud would be how you'd win the Mayor's election, and no one knows fraud better than ACORN. That's because Diven's people always get caught.