Friday, May 15, 2009


Michael did well in the meet today.

I posted this to my Facebook page earlier today. Might as well re-post here too.

Mark Rauterkus You fumbled. And the fumble was costly and horrid. But, what to do next -- give a pep talk?
What about scholastic swimming? What about club swimming? What about summer swimming? What about age group swimming? What about recreational swimming leagues? The NCAA poved to be without spines. Now, show some courage and get into the grassroots swim movement as all is not lost -- yet.

We don't need body suits anywhere else.

Go into the ivory tower -- and lick the wounds. Or, get out into the rest of the sport and show more courage and conviction there. And, don't give up the college sport either. Amend. Re-tool. Re-work the rules. What should they be? What specific things should have been done differently?Editorial: The Year of the Suits

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Anonymous said...

he did not do that well - two losses in finals - I guess bongs don't help performance :P