Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time to consider that Republican write-in effort for mayor: Pat Ford

Perhaps we can get a write in campaign for the mayor's race for Republican voters?

We now open nominations from the floor of the blogosphere.

Consider, Pat Ford.

For some, PAT could be Port Authority Transit, and Ford could be the auto company. Merge the two together, whatever.

Consider, Mark DeSantis. I'm sure he'll get some votes.

Consider, Kevin Acklin.

Consider, Dok Harris.

Consider, Luke Ravenstahl, or Patrick Dowd or Carmen Robinson.

If Patrick is less of a candidate because Carmen is on the ballot in the primary, splitting the anti-Ravenstahl vote, then let's have a do-over. But, the general election ballot in November might have four or more candidates. You never know.

Consider, Tom Ridge. Some are talking about Tom Ridge for US Senate in 2010. Why not have him get onto the ballot for the Rs for the Pgh Mayor Race in 2009 -- just to re-build his base. Perhaps he can help install and monitor the homeland security cameras that Luke just purchased.

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