Thursday, May 07, 2009 has a significant upgade now available

The Community is pleased to announce the general availability of 3.1, a significant upgrade to the world's leading open-source office productivity suite. Since 3.0 was launched last October, over 60 million downloads have been recorded from the website alone. Released in more than 90 languages and available as a free download on all major computing platforms, 3.1 looks set to break these records.

Thanks to all community members who have helped make this release possible. Users of previous versions of were asked to vote for their 'most desired' new features, and this wish list helped shape the new release. The new release also includes a feedback mechanism where users can opt-in to supply feedback automatically to the developers about how they use

The biggest single change (half a million lines of code!) and the most visible is the major revamp of on-screen graphics. Techies call it anti-aliasing - users just appreciate how much crisper graphics are on screen. The improved look extends to other subtle changes, such as: how images display when they are being dragged, how selections of text are highlighted, and even adding the ability to overline text.

New core features include:

Writer (word processing)
* Improvements to comments: reply feature now supports 'conversations'
* Further grammar checker integration
* Outline levels within paragraphs for complex documents

Calc (spreadsheet)
* Hot hints for formulae, with new and improved formulae available
* Improved sorting
* More performance bottlenecks removed
* The zoom slider added to the status bar
* Rename sheets with a double-click

Chart (graphics engine)
* Flexible positioning of axes for scientific and educational users
* Flexible handling of "missing" data points

Impress (presentation)
* Font size buttons

Base (database)
* SQL syntax highlighting
* Easier deployment of macro applications

Internationalization and Localization
* Improved support for bidirectional scripts
* New locale support

Behind the scenes, also now has a more capable file locking mechanism, enabling users to share files safely in a multi-user, multi-platform environment.

The guide to new features is available here:

Download 3.1 here:

Read our Press Release:

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