Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama and Education

In particular, the Obama administration wants to fix middle schools and high schools, focusing on "dropout factories" where two in five kids don't make it to graduation.
This is not the priority for Pittsburgh Public Schools.

The Rightsized Plan had a focus on elementary schools, with one exception, Schenley High School. Schenley was spared the axe then, by the way.

The 'drop out factories' in Pittsburgh have not been getting any attention.

Schenley High School closed, but it was not a drop out factory. Kids from Schenley classes were going to Stanford, for instance.

What is to happen with Oliver, Westhinghouse, Peabody and Langley? The silence has lasted for years.

South Vo Tech closed, but kids were in school at South -- finishing.

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Annette Werner said...

It seems pretty clear that significant changes and/or closings are in store for Oliver, Westinghouse, Peabody and Langley... no word of any efforts targeted at the many low achieving mainstream students at schools such as Carrick and Allderdice.