Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is the mayor corrupt? Absolutely says Patrick Dowd on KDKA Radio

KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin is a friend of Luke Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato. So, he hated to hear and baited the question to challenger Patrick Dowd.

My instant message to Griffin, who said he has heard no rumblings in law enformcement realms of 'corruption' on the part of the Mayor follows:

If the mayor's office was clean -- then do you think the state would have TWO sets of OVERSIGHT Authorities in town watching every move of the city officials?

Proof of corruption on Grant Street is in Act 47 and ICA.

Another bit of PROOF of corruption is the hush money paid, still to this day, to Pat Ford, with a contract that does NOT permit statements from him nor the mayor.

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Sliberty said...

There is no question Luke Ravenstahl is corrupt. In the second or third debate he beamed about how his administration had unprecedented development in Pittsburgh over the past few years. The reason being he influences the zoning and planning boards to allow for unlawful developments through the agent of spot zoning among other defenses. Not unlike the case of the Lamar billboard. Many times over we're talking about out of town developers who are embraced by the Ravenstahl administration and allowed to rampage our neighborhoods without due process. Meanwhile, actual Pittsburghers have to team up with neighborhood organizations and coalitions just to keep things straight in court. Then comes the appeal.
So, I believe there is no question as to whether Mayor Ravenstahl is corrupt or not. The real question is whether Pittsburghers really care about progress or not. Because at the end of the day we should hope for more than just cups and trophies.