Wednesday, May 06, 2009

TV Show on City Cable, PCTV 21, Public Access, about Take Your Father To School

Mark Brentley, Sr., Pgh Public Schools board member and candidate for Pgh City Council in the May 2009 primary, has a TV show that includes, this month, snips of the 2008 Take Your Father to School events.

Air dates:

May 6, 9 am
May 8, 11 pm
May 11, 10 pm
May 14, 3 pm
May 16, 9 pm
May 18, 5 pm
May 19, 9 am
May 21, 3 pm

This year's event is Friday, May 22, 2009, at all Pgh Public Schools.

We also stand in for those who don't have a dad in school that day, for whatever reason. Dad's are positive role models in the child's life -- being the actual father is not necessary.

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