Friday, May 15, 2009

Election night parties!

Where are the political parties? Please post in comments. I'll try to confirm and put them in this posting. FWIW, a party mention does not mean an endorsement.

For example:

Luke Ravenstahl, and supporters gather for his election Night Party at the Hofbrauhaus in the South Side Works from 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM.

Pointers welcome in comments............ please. I don't get out much and it is a Tuesday night!

Friends and supporters of Sharene Shealey, PPS board member candidate, are invited to join Sharene and the campaign staff at the Evergreen Cafe, 7330 Penn Avenue, for an election night gathering as the polls close at 8 PM on Tuesday, May 19.


Anonymous said...

Coghill is at Lunardi's on Broadway Avenue in Beechview.

Anonymous said...

You young whipper snappers go party all you want. I have not been a poll worker for a few years now, but rememnber vividly how tired I was at the end of the night. Bon-voy-ageeeee.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you do remember you turned 50 right?

Chris said...

Dowd is partying at the Church Brew Works starting at 8:30 per an e-mail from his campaign.

Mark Rauterkus said...

(from a trusted source)

Please join us Election Night, following the closing of polls at 8pm for an Election Night Party!

Campaign supporters, volunteers, staff, and media are invited to Larry's Road House, 1900 Whited Street, Pittsburgh PA 15210. (Link to Google Map)

The celebration will begin at 8pm.

Natalia will speak, following the tabulation of the results.

If you would like to volunteer, its not too late! You can stop by the campaign office at 754 Brookline Blvd, 15226 tomorrow at any time to pitch in and help Natalia build a better Pittsburgh!

John Fournier
Campaign Manager
Rudiak for City Council
(412) 277-2901

deegazette said...

As I paused to watch the kids play in the park at my polling place I remembered my own kids doing the same when they were little. I overheard a pair of one candidate's volunteers saying they hoped results would come in quickly after the polls closed. She figured she'd collapse around 10:00. This was odd to me since most of the poll workers inside were in their 70s. I guess long days hit 20-somethings too. May all your election day dreams come true.