Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mike Lamb's reply

I saw on the web that Michael Lamb made an endorsement or two. Because I don't always have full faith in everything I read on the web, I asked him what's up and if he was making personal endorsements.

Mike's reply to me via his personal email:

I'm not sure what you're looking for but in this election cycle I am serving as Co-Chair of the Committee to Elect Mike Marmo Judge. In my area I am supporting Georgia Blotzer for Council. Also, my friend Anthony Coghill is running in District 4 and I am for him.

Thanks for your interest.

Michael Lamb
Frankly, I'm very glad to see the city controller getting into the fray of politics.

I was so sad in the past when former city controller, now judge, Tom Flaherty, did NOTHING to help oust Tom Murphy from the mayor's office.

It sounds as if Mr. Lamb isn't making any endorsement for the mayor's race. Oh well. It is great to know he is putting some skin in the game in other matters.

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Matt H said...

Michael Lamb is a great endorsement to have and we are proud to have it at the Coghill campaign.