Saturday, June 10, 2006

Do political parties matter anymore?

The Mercury - Do political parties matter anymore? I've been trying to think of a movie that best describes what happened in last month�s Pennsylvania primary, where 17 incumbents, mostly Republicans, were ousted by voters. I've come up with a film that sums up the present state of party politics: 'Titanic.'
So true here in Pittsburgh where Ben Woods is up for chair of the Allegheny County Dems.

They are all just re-arranging the deck chairs. I'm a lifeguard. I know we need some to man the lifeboats. But I'm also very proactive and would love to have a few join as we storm the bridge and navigate around the troubled waters that they put us in. We've got to stop their clueless ways.

The biggest thing to not do is have them skipper the reform that is brewing. We need to replace, re-direct, and then reform. They can't reform. They broke things and they must be replaced.

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