Monday, June 12, 2006

Wuerl bids farewell - Fred gets some ink!

Fred gave the press some interesting quotes in today's newspaper, after the final mass of our departing Bishop.
Wuerl bids farewell - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Later, after the applause subsided and scores of people made their way across the street to a reception for Wuerl, Frederick Winkler remained seated in a pew 'just to soak it in.'

Winkler embodies the spirit that Wuerl cultivated during his time here -- he's of Lutheran faith, attends a Presbyterian church and considers himself a follower of the soon-to-be-departed bishop.

'As he puts it, we're all one in the body of Christ,' said Winkler, a South Hills architect who regularly tunes in to Wuerl's Sunday morning television show to learn more about the Catholic faith. 'He's done a lot to bring together all denominations.

'He has a very uplifting spirit. He's an inspiring kind of person.'

That inspiration was obvious, as people began filing into St. Paul an hour and a half before the noon service.

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