Friday, June 30, 2006

Zone 3 tidbits

I noted that Tom L, frequent blog reader and regular running mate poster -- was elected to the zone 3 safety committee in some official capacity. Same too with Bob Hillen and the campaign manager for Bruce Kraus. Keep up the heat and good work guys.

Next, Zone 3 has been selected by The Pittsburgh Mediation Center, in conjunction with the Allegheny County Juvenile Court System to participate in “a neighborhood-based accountability panel, comprised of community members who volunteer to meet with first time juvenile offenders who ADMIT to a crime to discuss the offense, and hold the youths accountable for their actions to determine appropriate responses including community service, educational activities and/or restitution.”

The Pittsburgh Mediation Center will be present at the July Public Safety Meeting to do a brief presentation.

Interested panel volunteers should email our NAN leader at her cafe and she will compile a list for the center.

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