Friday, June 16, 2006

Ethics panel -- not shakey start -- way worse!

Ethics panel off to a shaky start - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review According to the City Code, board members may not hold a public office, be part of a political committee or work for the city or state.

But that didn't stop Councilman Daniel Deasy from nominating Sheraden District Judge Randy C. Martini, or Councilman Jim Motznik from tapping Carrick District Judge Richard G. King. Both Martini and King are public office holders and state employees.

Councilman Jeffrey Koch nominated a member of his own office staff, former District Judge Eileen Conroy.

'How can you have someone who works for you sit in judgement of you? It's ridiculous,' said Joe Weinroth, vice chairman of the Pittsburgh Republican Committee. 'You're supposed to get unconnected, unaffiliated people that won't be under political pressure.'

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