Friday, June 30, 2006

Total Immersion Swimming - a marathon swim around NYC

Way to crow Terry. You're the man! Swimming is such a smart sport.
Total Immersion Swimming In June 2002, I swam the 28.5-mile Manhattan Island Marathon (MIMS), partially to celebrate completing a half century of life with a physical challenge. I also swam it to demonstrate how it was possible to easily complete a swim requiring considerable endurance by training for economy instead of super fitness. My first MIMS was a complete success. I enjoyed every mile, finished easily, took one-third fewer strokes than any other swimmer, and felt great the next day.
Meanwhile, we've got a relay meet in the AM. Got to be at South Fayette at 8:15 am check in for a meet at 9.

Boy, I hate this meet as I consider it a major waste of time. I didn't write up a letter to give to all the others on deck, as per my head coach's suggestion. I'll only offend. But I don't like to waste my time and go through motions -- like wasted strokes -- that don't really help in life.

Relays are an important part of swimming. Swimming isn't a team sport. But, a relay only event that is without real challenges is not welcomed.

Now, I post this the night before, not because I don't want a meet. No way. We really need a meet. But, so I can eat my words in less than 24 hours if I get it all wrong. If the meet experience turns out to be different, I'll blog about it. End of the pool. Corner of the world. This aint Manhattan pal.

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