Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Living Large at PNC Park -- as Bucs drop the first dozen

Tonight was a great night for baseball -- in terms of the weather. Temp was 72 to 68-degrees. Good company and treats too as we were 'living large' in the WS 1903 BOX -- in left field. Grant, Catherine and I went along with a bunch of audiologist, speech, language, and hearing-concerned individuals who were in town for the just concluded Alexander Graham Bell convention that was at the Convention Center.

Splendid party. Our row was shared with a women from Western Candada who was a house mate, years ago, in Eastern Candada with one of our friends (Shirley) in Chengdu, China. Small world story. Another game-day fan was from Brisbane. She met both Grants now -- our Grant and Grant Hackett, Austranian swim star and Crafton Swim Star.

Lots of fun.

The Pirates were but a side-show. Might as well have been at a bull-fight. (giggle)

There was nearly a Grand Slam from the Pirates.... but the catch was a few feet from the edge of the top of the outfield wall. That would have put the Bucs in the lead.

Saw and interesting run-down. First baseman, Casey, took the cut off toss from the outfield behind the pitchers mound and the runner at second went too far. He pushed him back to 2nd and then the runner went farther off of third -- so Casey switched his attention to the guy that was flirting with home plate -- running him back to third -- diving for the goal line, sorta, tagging him out at third before his knee touched the ground.

The pressing question on my mind tonight is about our swim team photos in the morning -- and if I'm going to have bags under my eyes.

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