Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's ask the FOX how to fix the Chicken Coop & Murphy off the hook

Edited slightly:
Federal prosecutors won't indict former Mayor Murphy: "the EX-mayor would be working with Ms. Buchanan primarily on reforming state Act 111, which governs the binding arbitration which applies to police and firefighters contracts. He said they might talk to state officials about ideas like preventing contract negotiations during election season, or giving city councils some say over what kinds of contract provisions are agreed to between the parties before arbitration starts.
Hold the phone. Replace, Redirect, Reform. I don't want to have those folks have any hand in any reforms. No way. Ex-Mayor Tom Murphy is the last guy I want to be in a role for REFORMING conflict of interest measures.

There is a time to hear from Mayor Murphy -- and there is a time to run away quickly from all that he does. Listen just to figure out which way he is moving -- then go the other directions.

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