Saturday, June 10, 2006

Plan to develope senior center opposed

Plan to develope senior center opposed Plan to develope senior center opposed
Of course this is a 'shell game.' Of course this is people trying to get rich off of 'government money.' Of course this is a case where local politicians try to 'bring home the bacon' and have goodies to spread around to win votes.

Furthermore, of course Wayne Fontana is worried about NOTHING GETTING DONE. He wants to do something as he has done NOTHING and has nothing to show for anything other than his pension and perks.

Doing something is better -- in his mind -- as opposed to doing what should be done.

I want to do things that are going to help the community and I want them done well.

Be prudent. Be real. Be honest. None of my worries rise to the top of their lists of priorities.

And, of course, the seniors vote. So, the seniors get a new rec center. But, this is not a rec center for the future. The Senior Centers of today are GOING TO BE WASTED SHELLS (pun inteneded) in a few more years.

People of my generation are not going to sit around and play BINGO like the seniors of today. And, not many of them are really crying the blues for another senior center so they can be warehoused to sit around for free ice cream, soup and another bingo game.

Modern centers are not 'senior centers' as Pittsburgh knows them.


Anonymous said...

Plan to develope senior center opposed
Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

With a $1 million state grant on the line, more than 350 Beechview residents turned out for a public meeting Thursday, most opposing its use for a developer to renovate his property to rent the city a senior center.

City Council will consider three resolutions Wednesday regarding the state grant application and the city's commitment of $75,000 in addition to $325,000 already committed to a senior center, but Councilman Jim Motznik said the bills "will not be site-specific."

The developer, Bernardo Katz, figures into a proposal from state Rep. Michael Diven, R-Brookline, who lined up a $1 million state grant that the city would match with $400,000, with Mr. Katz pledging at least $600,000.

Mr. Motznik said he and most people in Beechview favor the original plan of renovating St. Catherine's School, with the city owning the property rather than paying Mr. Katz $4,500 a month, as it is doing now at 1555 Broadway Ave. He said the purchase price of the school last year was about $350,000.

Mr. Motznik said he is referring a proposal to buy St. Catherine's for a public council hearing in Beechview. A date has not been set.

State Sen. Wayne Fontana D-Brookline, said his concern is that nothing could end up happening. "My fear is that Katz is going to start selling off his properties, piece by piece to whoever, and you have no options but St. Catherine's, and what if the city says no?"

Anonymous said...

St. Catherine's should be used for the senior citizens ctr, and the rest of the slums that Katz has created should be developed into dry cleaners, drug store,etc. that used to be in Beechview. And we can do it without Katz,,we don't need him nor do we need the illegal immigrants he brings in to do his bidding.