Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wikinomics needs a subtitle

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I do love lots of these suggestions.

My entry is rather bland: Cooperation, Compeitition and Community. I'm fond of using three words all with the same first letter, as in Sports Support Syndicate. Or, Replace, Redirect then Reform.

Other suggestions:
# This Book is a Stub

# Why too many cooks don't spoil the broth

# (Your Input Needed Here)*

# Unleashing Collaboration for Competitive Advantage

# The Art of Digital Collaboration (or How to Get People to Make Money For You)

# Made Up Words & Overhyped Nonsense

# How Two Guys Blathered About Nothing And Suckered Folks Into Buying Their Book

A few of these would make good t-shirts too.

(See comments for many more.)

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Mark Rauterkus said...

This is a book about the transformative implication, not of simple collaboration, but of mass collaboration. That's the shift. And it's huge.

How collaboration is changing the way we think and live

The art & science of peer dynamics and social networking

The art of structured anarchy

The dividents of collective genius

Internet's new (wide) open chapter

Open Book

We the people

Harnessing the power of global intellectual capital

How we collectively create through networks

The new frontier of collaboration

One + One = Eleven

Share to succeed

In us we trust

Business (The Remix)

Collective clout to inform, entertain and empower

New World Order in the Digital Economy

How to get Strangers to make money for you.

How collective creation is delivering accelerating value and disrupting the status quo

The New World of Collaborative Production

The fallacy of public collaboration, or how I learned to stop worrying and love censorship

You can't expect to write a book regarding the phenomenon of wide collaborations whilst simultaneously denying it to your own 'public' poll

Or why do your own work when someone else can do it for you

Ultimate Irony

You claim the book is about the 'wiki' phenomenon whereby all can contribute and (for better or worse) the most popular idea will out, yet you doctor the results of your own title poll to eliminate those suggestions you don't personally like. I'd like to see someone suggest a more fitting title.

Unleashing unbridled collaboration for competitive advantage

I think what is unique about wikinomics is not that it is about collaboration it is that it is about uncensored and unbridled collaboration. Collaboration in the past was from the company out. Ie. we select you to collaborate with us. This is collaboration from the outside in and requires a very confident and open culture and company. Think this is great stuff.

Peer Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace

How to harness the value of virtual communities

I haven't seen the book, but I am assuming that 'wikinomics' is a contraction of 'wiki' and 'economics'. Thus, the book explores collaborative networking approaches that create economic value. I like the word 'virtual' better than 'online' as these communities may or may not use the Internet. I agree with Don about the risk of associating the book with particular communities. Wikipedia and Linux are likely to be around for some time, but Myspace...? If the book were written last year, I guess it would have been Friendster, 2 years ago, maybe There are still lots of books out there that use Enron as an exemplar! Instead of naming s in the subtitle, you could include a call out on the cover that invokes a particular community, which could be changed in subsequent printings.

Peer Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace

Peer Collaboration and Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace

Collaboration and Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace

Unleashing digital collaboration for competitive advantage

I'm amazed at how thoughtful (with a few exceptions) this conversation is. there are several fabulous sub titles that have been suggested that could well be the winner. I've posted the subtitle above to return to basics though -- the purpose of a subtitle is to explain what the book is about. I'm less than thrilled with this subtitle but at least it gives a feeling for the topic. True the book is about peer production but most people have no idea what that is. The subtitle has the advantage of relating to tens of millions of people involved in these communities or who at least have heard of them. The obvious disadvantage is that one of them (likely candidate is MySpace) could go into a rapid decline. Regardless, THANKYOU, and please keep dem letters and cards coming.

My vote is to adjust this one slightly to: "Collaboration and Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace" or: "Peer Collaboration and Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace" or "Peer Innovation in the Age of Wikipedia, Linux and MySpace" I gotta think that if MySpace went under in a year, that the publisher could adjust the tagline for the next big print run in 2007 accordingly.... especially in this realtime era... Tom

The positive value of a mob mentality

Similar to below with 'mob' replacing 'crowd'. The same reasoning applies, however the alliteration probably works better.

Wikinomics: Why every crowd has a silver lining.

Basically a play on words. Of course, 'silver' is a common metaphor for money. The quote, "every crowd has a silver lining' is sometimes attributed to showman P.T. Barnum.

The positive value of a crowd mentality

A crowd mentality is traditionally thought of a bad thing. However, the wiki model shows that crowds (otherwise random groupings of people) can create great value (financial and otherwise) when they work together. See the June 2006 edition of Wired for an interesting article on 'Crowdsourcing', that explores commercial applications of the wiki model.

A world of minds are better than one -- (Focusing on the globalization aspect.)

Profiting from collaborative anarchy

Juxtaposition of two immiscible concepts

How porous corporations bring customers and partners inside

All about collaboratory next

I gave away my personal info and all i got was a chance at subtitling a book


The Power Of Us

Edit or create a new page in business history

Playing with wikipedia buttons

Mob Rule

I anticipate the book will mostly turn the usual sense of "mob rule" upside-down. But it's also good not to completely lose sight of problems.


Spontaneous collaboration creates buzz, fame and even fortune

Sorta like the Book of the Dead (Necronomicon) but meaning more "an image of the law of the wiki" than it's necrotic counterpart. (Translation from Greek stolen from

Why my two plus your two equals our five

Join the Revolution with Digital Collaboration and Open Business Models

How to stop "outsmarting" your customers and let them make you rich

The Web revolution that your customers have already won

Farting and How it Effects the Economy

How Two Guys Blathered About Nothing And Suckered Folks Into Buying Their Book

Unleashing our collective genius

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Llabor and sources of input are redefined

Veni, Vidi, Wiki!

The new age of collabowiki

Co-create For Survival


It suggests the enthusiasm amongst those that make regular use of wikis. It also alludes to wikis being "trendy", since "wikkid" is a popular culture spelling of "wicked".

The Age of the Prosumer (Prosumer - from "The Third Wave" (1980), by Alvin Toffler.)

Edit this Book!

Because you're worth it

(Collaboration is all about adding individuals' values. And it reminds us of Ebay, commercial things, as well as non commercial inner value of the human being.)

One for All, All for One

This famous quote from Alexander Dumas' Three Musketeers (see,_and_one_for_all) is an apt subtitle for a book on collaboration.

Hits a few notes: * Allusion to: "Steal This Book" * Allusion to "Edit this page" * It's impossible to do, so it creates some dramatic tension. * The fact that it is impossible to edit a dead tree book is the entire reason why wikis matter today. It has nothing to do with this wikinomics book, of course. If I felt like turning MeatballWiki into a book, this would have been my likely title.

Wikinomics and how we held a contest to the SUBTITLE of this book

Picking the Scabs of Open Source

Wiki and Win

The world is becoming more interdependent than ever before. Competition is giving way to collaboration and win-win. The basic premise is that winning with collaboration will deliver better results.

Slick Wiki and the Thundering Herd

or How I Stopped Searching and Learned to Love the Internet

Fair Share

Peer Into The Future Of Business

Peer Into The Future

Don't fear the peer

Why too many cooks don't spoil the broth

Connected Economics

This Book is a Stub

You can help Wikinomics by expanding it!

A Study in Boundless Expressionism

Peerfect Sharing

Volume 1 of the Wikinomicon

Wilful perversity.

Work: Let Other People Do It!



The Book You Wrote

Harnessing the Power of Your Peers

The Art of Digital Collaboration (Harnessing the Power of Peers)

The Art of Digital Collaboration (or How to Get People to Make Money For You)

Because content is expensive.

How "peer pressure" is changing the way goods and services are invented, produced, marketed, and distributed

Collecting Community without Diminishing Differentiation

Communities outside of companies boundaries can be great for generating ideas and even building code. But how does a firm compete with differentiation. Compete in the layers above, on the all boats rise ecosystem or time (or some combination depending on circumstances).

Too Many Cooks

WIKINOMICS: The Information Gift

Because it reminds of Marcel Mauss essay "The Gift", which brought gift-economy into the consciousness of the academical world. And it's short and catchy.

Made Up Words & Overhyped Nonsense

Because I think the mere idea of "wikinomics" is silly. Am I the only one tired of overeducated B-school types who write about new fangled business strategies that only last as long as the time between management fads?

The First True Democracy

WIKINOMICS: How Competitors Become Comrades to Create Supernovas!

(Your Input Needed Here)*

Creative Synergy in a Digitally Connected World

Peer Powered Profit in Life, Business and Individual Choice

Where Freedom and Democracy go beyond Politics

The Economy of Exchanged Ideas

Creating a New World of Economic Opportunity

The Peer Advantage, Myth or Magic?

Unleashing Collaboration for Competitive Advantage

Promise and Peril in the Age of Participation

Particoration - welcome to working together

(Combines Partnership and Collaboration)


Collaboration is all about finding the sweet spot of brekathrough ideas... and when they emerge everybody in the collaboration says...Ahhhh! We have built an environment called id-ah! which is an early model of combining collaboration with wiki's with voting etc etc...we even secured the ... to give it legitimacy...

How Companies Use Collaboration for Profitable Growth

It is important to use the word How somewhere in your title, as it also is useful to think of the word profit or profitable revenue. I would downplay the use of all kinds of IT words as they are only tools. What is going on here is collaboration with all kinds of new organizational business models becoming a byproduct of that approach. This allows you to leverage prior, existing, and anticipated experiences to make the advocacies of this book compelling.

Profiting From Open Innovation

The wiki movement has become synonomous with "free". Free can only drive innovation so far. Wikinomics is the story of what happens when the powers of open innovation and the profit incentive start working together.

Customer democracy and design at work.

The value of open-source marketing

Technology has embraced open-source for years. Technology also is the enabler of collaboration and peer-to-peer marketing. This subtitle finally connects Technology and the marketing approach it enables.

Harness The Power Of Peer-Dynamics

How To Profit From The Power Of Peer-Dynamics

How Winning Companies Leverage Peer-Dynamics

Reaching billion markets of one - in the age of collaborative Networks

The world really is flat!

The abstract above suggests many of the themes found in Tom Friedman's "The world is flat." I would argue that your work would support Friedman's ideas.

Collaborate Or Suffocate!

In the new world, innovation is the key to growth. Without collaboration, innovation will suffocate from lack of actionable ideas, stiffling growth.

There is power, and profit, in numbers

Many successful web-based business are successful becuase they are able to derive value from their users / customers. Wikipedia is an excellent example.

Harnessing the Power of Peer Collaboration

Peer Collaboration is Powerful, but to get the most out of it, you must understand how to 'harness' it for maximum advantage. Just creating a wiki page does not mean collaboration will take off...there are social, organizational, behavorial issues that must be dealt with and managed. Then once collaboration does take off, there must be processes in place to leverage the collaboration that is happening for the benefit of the corporation.


In a world of competition – One needs the essence of innovation for a successful venture - Voila WIKINOMICS !!!

Tapping into the World of Collaboration

Its really all about getting a benefit of doing the collaboration. Getting a personal satisfaction maybe, or optimizing your product development cycle, or pooling the minds of 10 mil people to develop a new user interface for whatever. The entity providing all these benefits is the world of collaboration on multiple levels, knowing how/when to use it and how/when to participate is the key right?

This should be "Tascotting into the World of collaboration"

How the future economy is already being designed, developed and produced by your self-directed peers.

Tries to encapsulate the scope of the concept and emphasises that it's happening today. While "self-directed peers" may be clumsy it's the key to the relinquishing control to an indeterminate collaborative group of peers (By the way good idea to do this - what about collaboration on content?)

Promise and Peril in the Age of Participation

The other subtitles were a little to longin the tooth and kind of nebulas. This it short and to the point letting the reader know what to expect from the book without overpromising or under delivering.

How Open Business Models create Economic Opportunity

Be open or die...or why Blu-ray will not win.

Collaboration and Innovation in the Age of Linux, Myspace and Wikipedia

How the peer revolution transforms business and opens the economy to you

Peer Producing the Future

The New Promise of Collaboration

Understanding the Peer Revolution

Promise and Peril in the Age of Participation

Harnessing the power of collaboration in the age of Linux, MySpace, and Wikipedia

How winning companies innovate and create value in the age of Linux, MySpace, and Wikipedia

How the peer revolution transforms business and creates new opportunities for you