Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tentative OK given to Lincoln-Lemington strip mall plan

Tentative OK given to Lincoln-Lemington strip mall plan - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Members Jeff Koch and Tonya Payne were not present for the vote.
Is this a trend or just my worst fears?

Jeff -- where are you on this vote? Do you side with the community groups? Or do you side with the developers?

Jeff was absent in the first moments of the revealing of the office expense accounts. But, then again, Jeff has hardly been there to spend any money in the office. But since, he has put up his sending in an on-line fashion so all can see -- so I was told.

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Unpaid taxes could tip vote on developer of city parcel: "'This is a mess,' said Mr. Peduto. He said he wouldn't be able to vote to sell the land to the Lincoln-Larimer group, because it owes back taxes. Nor could he vote to sell it to Alex Development, because that firm had a written agreement to work with the neighborhood group."