Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Strip mall showdown

Strip mall showdown - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review A Squirrel Hill developer is trying to exclude a Lincoln-Larimer nonprofit it once partnered with from plans to build a new a strip mall anchored by a Family Dollar discount store.

Alex Enterprises and the Lincoln-Larimer Community Development Corp. have worked since 2002 to plan a 2.8-acre strip mall at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Deary Street, but a resolution proposed Tuesday by Councilwoman Twanda Carlisle would give Alex Development full control of the site.
So, is this an example of more cronie-ism, more backlashes for those that have gotten out of line, more sweetheart dealings?

It smells bad. It seems like another insider's deal.

The city shouldn't be working to cut deals that should be working in the marketplace. But, of course, the city has put in roadblocks in the marketplace.

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