Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ron Paul in Iowa - video


Thomas Leturgey said...

What is it that I find disingenious about the Ron Paul crowd in this video?

I still think it's because only a fraction of them are currently registered as a Republican.

Believe me, this is the kind of guy I had always championed in the past.

Perhaps its the "doom and gloom" theme of the campaign. The song at the end about us all going to hell and Ron Paul's the man to pull us out of the death spiral.

I'm not sure.

It is something that reports indicate that Paul has more money in his coffers than John McCain, but I guess people, especially conservative Republicans, are tired of McCain.

Not sure.

Help and try to convince me to support Ron Paul. I just don't "feel it."

Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't feel that there is "doom and gloom" in the Ron Paul campaign and not in what he says.

The negative theme with the protest in Iowa was that Ron Paul, a R, a member of the US House for 10 terms, was NOT permitted to be a part of the gathering. Some of the leadership "Rs" of Iowa were shown to be crooked and had serious egg on the face. That's for sure. Those are Rs that need to be pulled out of the 'norm' and made into examples.

The small fraction of Rs that would want to pre-screen and censor are the one's that are doom and gloom.

I do want to get a grip on the 'campaign music.' I've not done that yet.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Wins Big

Ron Paul Wins Big in First New Hampshire Straw Poll


July 7, 2007

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Presidential candidate Ron Paul today won the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT) straw poll at their annual picnic in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Dr. Paul received 182 of 294 votes cast, or 65 percent. In second place was Rudy Giuliani with 24 votes, or 8 percent.

"Today's strong victory is further proof that Dr. Paul's message is resonating throughout New Hampshire," said campaign manager Lew Moore. "Dr. Paul is the only candidate in this race truly dedicated to smaller government and lower taxes for all Americans."

CNHT is a statewide, grassroots organization dedicated to reducing the size of government at all levels, stopping judicial activism, providing students and parents with a choice of educational opportunities, expanding job markets, and protecting property rights.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I just need to see more "positives" and not the "whining" about this, that and the other.

Dr. Paul is very old...looks kind of frail (doesn't "command a room")...but has a great mind and speaks well.

The crowd in the Iowa video, there's just something about them.

I would like to see him stick around to make things interesting.

I am NOT against an Internet phenomenon. Let's hope he makes a good story.