Monday, July 09, 2007

Costa To Run For Mayor? Why?

Guy Costa, the city's current Public Works chief, had to submit his letter of resignation to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl just like most of the others in charge of our underwhelming public servies.

Now the Tribune Review reports that he is contemplating a run for Ravenstahl's seat the next time up.

The T-R says that friends are urging him to run because of a perceived disrespect. Remember, Pittsburgh's side streets are totally and completely untouched with salt or snow plows during the winter months. In fact, I have no idea how my neighbors who live on a steep incline, get to work or anywhere else for that matter when it snows.

We're on our own out there folks, and Mr. Coast-a sometimes gets standing ovations from him friends on City Council.

There isn't a Costa in the entire city who isn't on the taxpayer's dime. Paul is a quiet state Representative, brother Jay is even more quiet in the state Senate. I think former city police chief Dom is a brother. Dom even had a few feelers out for Mayor this past time around.

They are all entitled to huge pensions. Don't get me wrong, all of these guys appear to be nice people. None are evil, and in Guy's case, he's in a no-win situation. If Public Works were excellent, it would be expensive. If it were deplorable...which at times it had been during the Mayor Murphy administration...suburbanites wouldn't be able to make it downtown. Don't think for a second that's NOT who most on Grant Street worry about. That's where the real money lies.

Why wouldn't Mr. Costa just get a private-industry gig. He undoubtedly would have friends that could help him land a job perhaps as cushy as the one he currently maintains.

Here's an interesting idea: could the Costa clan empower the Special Interest sector to vote for Republican Mark DeSantis? This is a union town, so they say. Hence the massive exodus to the suburbs and neighboring counties. Could the Special Interests vote in DeSantis, thus setting up a Costa-to-the-rescue union-estatic revolt in a few years?

With news that Costa is thinking of a run makes a Bill Peduto return unlikely. Peduto doesn't pander to the Special Interests that have a bloated influence on this town. That's why Peduto bailed this election cycle: reform is a dirty word to those pining for budget-breaking pension packages.

Ravenstahl played the game, but we are now been innundated with stories that showcase the Mayor's youth, inexperience, and some-say lack of decorum. He too is not a bad guy, but he was also a compromise city council president who was never expected to raise to the top of the city's food chain.

Pittsburgh is still desperate for a great new leader. That sound you hear is not the cavalry. They aren't on their way.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't think he (Guy Consta) will run. The health issue is a serious one to consider.

Futhermore, the Ds do NOT like to break ranks. They are not creative enough to think of whay you proposed. They go lockstep into the fog.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Are you thinking of Dom Costa, the former police chief who has had health issues?

I've never heard of Guy having serious health issues.

I agree, the local D's aren't creative enough to do something like, but it's something to "throw out there."

Jonathan Potts said...

I believe Guy Costa has a brain tumor.

Dom Costa, I think, is a distant relative of Jay, Paul and Guy.

Good post.

Mark Rauterkus said...

We all have health issues. Some worse than others. And, we're all going to die some day too ... But ... So ... I'm not too interested in talking much about what I don't know and what isn't my or our public business too. Any hoo.... Like I said. To reply to you Q, I'm not thinking of Dom.

Matt H said...

Dom Costa is not a brother of Guy.

Guy and Dom both have heatlth issues and are both great guys.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I did say they were all good guys...I just don't think they all need to be public employees.

Nepotism is extraordinarily high in these parts, and this family APPEARS to be more entrenched than just about anyone else.

Too bad about the health issues. Yes, we all have our own issues.

Anonymous said...

Ron Costa is a local District Justice and Anthony Costa ran for Sheriff.