Monday, July 09, 2007

PA House Bill about School Funding and Pittsburgh specific elements

(see comments for an update)

Check out House Bill (HB) 842 which is the state's bill to enact all education funding --including everything else they put in here. Take a look at the parts about Pittsburgh. Lots of Duquesne School District things there.

For Pittsburgh Public Schools specifically:

P. 12, Lines 1-15 Pittsburgh is the only district in the state classified as a Commonwealth Partnership School district. This new language gives the board the right to negate contracts -- but not teacher contracts.

P. 12-13 Gives Pittsburgh Supt. Power to dismiss employees. Can you say Lynn S.?

Insights and reactions welcomed.

Thanks for the pointer to Theresa Smith.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning:

After reviewing the information listed below, Bill Peduto (City Councilman) requested a meeting with concerned parents/community members around the region. The meeting should take place sometime next week in the morning (additional information will follow -after your response). If you are interested in meeting with Mr. Peduto ...or know of someone that might be interested, please respond to this email or forward me their information. Thank you for all that you continue to do for our kids. Have a nice day,