Thursday, November 22, 2007

Allegheny County's top GOP job - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Roddey to run for top GOP job - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review His announcement occurs at a time when the local GOP has been on a downslide, failing to recruit challengers in key elections, losing at the polls, sinking into debt and sailing without a captain.
The mind leads and the body follows.

For many years, Jim Roddey was the one that said that the city could NEVER elect a Republican. He made sure it didn't happen with his statements. If he couldn't do it -- then it couldn't be done, so he thinks.

I'm with Bob Hillen on this.

I think that the Republicans in the city won't be in a good position with Jim Roddey as the county's party chair.

If you want to be part of an opposition movement in the city -- join us, the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County! We are also looking to establish some teamwork in the city with other political parties. I'm sure that day is speeding ahead now that Bob Glancey has departed the scene.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: The leadership of the Allegheny County Republicans have a get along, go along attitude. They not only do not mount any candidates for County or City offices they refuse to get into the debate. Jim Roddey has my vote. After all, he won an election.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Do you even have a vote?

Yep, Jim Roddey won an election and has taken the party right to where it is today.

Thomas Leturgey said...

The thing is, Roddey could potentially raise some money for the committee...and that's one of the biggest hurdles.

Sure, Roddey had a hand in the ultimate "slide of the party," but in no way is it entirely his fault.

None of the other guys in the race have tha ability to raise th needed money.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Yes I do have a vote. I also won an election. Have you ever won an election other than by a count of one by looking in the mirror?