Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm thankful for a lots. Plenty. Here are just a few, in no particular order.


Cheaper prices for blank media, i.e., blank DVDs and blank CD-ROMs.

Open source software.

Open source ways, thinking and styles of being.

Public domain goodies and creators who have a clue about it as well as Creative Commons designations.

Liberty, freedom, democracy, constitutions, the founding fathers and our legacy of rich common ground.

People who are respectful.

Those who sign a petition without thinking twice. and other v-cast (video casting) sites such as YouTube.

The widespread reach of the English language.

The arrival of open water swimming as Olympic medal races (5K and 10K swims).

Public comment periods at governmental meetings.

Historic buildings that are still standing and others that are still in reside in our memory.

Pittsburgh Podcamp and BootCamp and the dozens of organizers that gave of themselves to make those events flourish.

Citizen courage for past, recent and future "running mates." Many of whom I've yet to meet.

Pedestrian lifestyle. Walking to work. Walking to school.

Ian and Mark at, my favorite podcast.

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Anonymous said...

We are thankful for the Iron City Brewery, and we are going to prove it.