Tuesday, November 06, 2007

South Side poll workers were well fed

I walked into a polling place in the last afternoon along with State Rep., Joe Preston. The poll workers there were H U N G R Y. They let him know about it. They were staying hungry too.

Just 90-seconds ago I had a call from the Market House. Things were different there thanks to the over-reaching, cake pushing.

I spent the afternoon and evening with David C. Adams, Independent candidate for city council in the 9th district. We had a good time buzzing most of those polling places together. I was with David Schuilenburg as the early results came in on the internet.

Dave Schuilenburg was at 25% or so and he didn't have a single debate. There was no debate for the city council district 3 race either. The possibility of having an election without a single debate is so Pittsburgh. That is unreal to me. The only thing nearly as bad is no opposition at all. But, no debates among candidates on the ballot has got to be worse.

Westwood rocks. The voting there was better than anything I saw all day. Had lunch over there.

The early visits were to the polling places in the South Side, the SS Slopes and Allentown. I never got to Oakland, but I figured Tony lived there.

This is a big city.

I had a good time on election day.

Honz Man should know, by now, how many times I was on the ballot. Twice Fred. One for each thumbs. Can you count that high?

Mean while, Marty Griffin, KDKA's other personality and mean-spirited investigative reporter that is oblivious to the obvious, was barking about the lack of opposition to various races. Jeepers, who is going to run against Onorato and get stabbed in the back hundreds of time by Marty Griffin on the airwaves????

Good night.


Matt H said...

Marty isn't mean!

Mark Rauterkus said...

I was thinking about the better descriptions of Marty and Honz Man. They are skunks.

At times they look cute, but they often stink up everything within miles.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Furthermore, they are not wise like the fox -- but dumb skunks. They can spray their stench when it isn't necessary and against those that are helpful, not harmful.