Monday, November 19, 2007

Pittsburgh Superintendent Gives Reasons For Closing Schenley - Education News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Superintendent Gives Reasons For Closing Schenley - Education News Story - WPXI PittsburghShortly before noon Monday, Superintendent Mark Roosevelt revealed insight into the current facility conditions of Schenley High School that prompted the district's recommendation to close the facility and relocate its students for the 2008-2009 school year.

Roosevelt said the ventilation system in the school has not operated properly in over a decade. He also said there's plaster cracking and falling, exposing asbestos.

To fix the problems, it would cost the district $64 million. Roosevelt said nothing has been done to the building in 80 years.
The Rev. Ricky Burgess, D, new to council come January 2008, reads this blog. But, Mark Roosevelt doesn't, I guess.

Schenley has a new gym and swim pool. It isn't 80 or 90 years old.

Schenley's windows are just five years old.

Nothing has been done to the building = LIE.

Hell, they just did hundreds of patches. Nothing = LIE.

Meanwhile, there isn't a varsity swim pool at Frick nor the other middle school that will be a high school.

How much has been done at Frick? There is plaster there that is falling down too.

How much has been done to Milliones Middle School? That is what it is.

What has happened at Schenley in the past 80+ years -- the education of our kids.

Now the price is $42-million. We already saved $20-million on the price tag in the past weeks.

Schenley should not be retired. Rather, lie making politicans should retire. At least he should retire the lies, such as the Pittsburgh Promise.

Journalist in Pittsburgh -- how about some follow up questions!


Anonymous said...

Why doesnt the save group get their own estimates? Put your money where your mouth is...if you think it can be done for less/better, etc...prove it.

So, we have several experts that are wrong? Bottom line, 42 Million?

We cannot afford that (or even half that) as a district without new taxes.

Patrick Dowd said...

The information supporting today's press conference can be found at the link below

District Provides Insight Detailing Pittsburgh Schenley Facility Conditions

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link.

Mark, insights?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Just back from a meeting tonight at Frick Middle School.

So, the $64-M is now down to $40s.

Not bad for a week's work.

The bottom line needs to be 'bottom line.' There is still $31-M to be spent at the other schools. Fixing up Frick as a 6-12 High School. Fixing up Milliones an ex-Middle school as a 6-12 school. Fixing up Reisenstien. Security, etc.

There are new costs to bus the kids.

If the board was to sell the Board of Ed building next to the Cathedral and move the adminstration -- perhaps that alone would catch up the difference.

More news later.

Comments welcomed.