Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Doing the unthinkable -- Some South Siders go to out and vote twice

They get to vote twice, for me, legally.

I'll vote twice for me too.

This way I'm not quite the lone wolf that I used to be.

Plus, there are other buddies too. One, an ex-paratrooper, Tony Oliva, Libertarian, a former D1 (NCAA Division I) footballer. And the other candidate buddies both named Dave . Think David and Goliath. One Dave is an ex-marine and the other Dave is a 911 operator. So, I'm in good company. The third Dave, David Tessitor, is at-large and all over the map, generally. Standing next to him makes me look focused.

Let's vote. Let's keep democracy alive. Let's elect people who understand the constitution while possessing a long view so that the kids here have hope for our shared political landscape for the years to come. And there is very little hope when little ones play around in the dirt that reeks of lead poison while others in power just hunker down -- too busy to notify anyone and communicate.

Kraus, Lamb, Harris did little in this campaign. They were hunkered down. I have great faith that they'll do the same in office. Meanwhile, the kids are weaker. The future is more bleak.

Hats off to Luke Ravenstahl for coming out to debate, some. Too bad Luke is responsible for doing nothing else and lack of notifications on the dangerous playground conditions for months. Luke came out to debate, and he survived. Lucky for him.

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