Sunday, November 11, 2007

Critics question nonprofit's focus, spending - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Critics question nonprofit's focus, spending - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Critics question nonprofit's focus, spending
The Allegheny Conference on Community Development is a cruel joke for Pittsburgh. To say that I am 'anti-Allegheny Conference' is an understatement.

The Conference has not produced tangible results.

These are the wire-pullers who try to get influence and power. But, they have their wires crossed frequently.

I would love to be a part of an anti-Allegheny Conf. group. I'd call it the Mon. Conf. Some might say it is just PodCamp. (giggle)

I'm about the bazaar. They are about the Cathedral. They are top down. I'm bottom up. I'm organic. They are mega deals. I am about democracy (as in voting), rights, freedom and dissent. They are about lockstep boosterism, back-room deals and closed systems. I'm open-source. They are proprietary. The hire consultants. I want do-it-yourself actions from elected officials who need to be held accountable.They want to form task forces and pass the buck.

I am all for being 'green' while they are about being LEED CERTIFIED.

I am urban, wishing for bike lanes and desire density. They want to make downtown for residents, increase green space so downtown looks like suburbia and push for autos and freeway construction.

They are of old parties and old money. I'm for third parties, new coalitions and being independent.

I want to make our kids competitive and widen the playgrounds and sporting interactions. They are for warhousing the kids within iron-curtain districts.

I want parks to be democratic and managed by people off of Grant Street. They want parks to be buttressed by foundation types and made more private.

I want to replicate urban schools that work -- like Rodgers, Frick, Schenley and the Gifted Center. They want to tear them apart.

I want parents and community to be more involved in the schools and with lifetime activities, clubs, mentoring and sports teams (like swimming). They are okay with the closing of rec centers, ice rinks and swim pools.

They want the school year to start sooner in August and earlier with Headstart and ALAs (Accelerated Learning Academies). I want more family times, camps of choice, travel and socialization in the summers with play. And they won't report on the attendance nor performance of ALAs.

They want the status quo. I don't.

They love candidates that spend $400k. I spent $250.

They are Jon Delano and suburban residents. I love to comment on Delano's blog and ask him why he didn't do his homework. Hey Jon, did you ever watch the DVD I gave to you back in early October?

They think the Pirates have a good chance of winning next year. I know that this week's Thursday night's game at Heinz Field is going to be full of victors.

They want a $2 per day tax on rental cars and a 10-percent drink tax. I don't drink and still don't want the tax. And, I think all income from tips should be tax free, as does Ron Paul.

They are Dan Onorato. I wrote in "Donald Duck" because I couldn't find enough signatures nor enough candidates nor enough grief relief to step beyond a Disney character.

The Allegh. Conf is with $2.4 million for salaries and benefits. I'm with Comcast broadband, volunteers and friends who I still piss off too frequently.

They want to celebrate the 250th birthday of Pittsburgh. I'm dancing in the streets because the Pgh Ethics Hearing Board isn't going to close every other monthly meeting to the public for 2008.

They are about the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance. I would love to hold Pgh Public Schools to its pledge to open up a Vo Tech High School, since South closed some five years ago.

I understand that yanking families around makes the city shrink. Hey, the tunnels under the river for light rail nor PAT buses won't reach to Reisenstein where they want to put "I.B. World" while killing Schenley. They want school reform that is full of smoke, mirrors and immediate action -- even if it is going to fail miserably.

I want to fix the high schools that are called "Drop Out Factories." They want "high school reform" that doesn't go there.

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