Friday, November 09, 2007

They blew me off last month. Should I waste another day with the Ethics Hearing Board

The Pgh Ethics Hearing Board is to meet today. I should go. But, I've already given them my time. It is nothing but a sink.

In September, I filed three complaints with the Ethics Hearing Board. In the October meeting, I came to discover, that my complaints didn't even get sent to the Ethics Hearing Board. The Law Department sat on them. The Law Department didn't do anything.

I guess my complaints were handled the same way the Administration handles toxic dirt rich with lead in a popular playground -- do little and say nothing. It might just go away and we'll all be the poorer for it.


It is a month later. Time might tell.

However, we learned that the golf outing from Mayor Luke Ravenstahl that happened in the summer might be resolved by the first of the year. Go figure.

Furthermore, today it the day when the Ethics Hearing Board is going to discuss the idea that half of next years meetings should be closed to the public. They would only meet every other month with the door open. The Ethics Hearing Board wants to have confabs without the public being able to witness it. And these are for 'educational reasons.' They'll invite experts to the table to talk to them -- and the public won't be included.

My only problem. I already used the word "suck" in this blog this year. I want to use it again. I don't know who is worse, the Pgh Ethics Hearing Board or Mr. Roosevelt's plans to destroy schools that work and do nothing for what really needs to happen.

Meanwhile, Michael Lamb needs to resign for the board of the super booster group, "A+ Schools."

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