Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ravenstahl to concentrate on city progress - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This is wonderful. They are talking about cost per votes!

I got 1/4 of the votes that DeSantis got.

I got votes at $.04 each. Four cents.

Ravenstahl to concentrate on city progress - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Ravenstahl spent about $7 a vote. It cost DeSantis, who spent most of the $400,000 he raised, nearly $17 a vote.

'That's a substantial margin,' said Joseph DiSarro, a Washington & Jefferson political science professor.
But Luke isn't at $7 a vote. He can't even add! Of cours the state D party mailers need to be part of the factors of the cost of the campaign.

What about the cost of the mailers about the recycle changes too?

Funny to hear that Dowd wants council to stand its ground on issues where the administration isn't hearing effectively. Well then, Patrick. What are YOU going to to do to block the vote on the school board about the closing of Schenley. Are you gonig to go ahead and allow the Superintendent to continue to spend money on consultants on plans that face such strong objections from the stake holders, voters, residents, students, parents and I dare say, teachers?


Anonymous said...

Cost per vote, huh?

I voted myself in for County Councilman in my district and didn't pay a penny.

Using that scheme, I'm the most effective of them all!


Mark Rauterkus said...

Yep. You are.

Bob O'Connor and Tom Murphy did $30 per vote.

Wayne Fontana and Michael Diven were under $100 a vote, but more than $75.

Onorato's cost per vote is good too.

I don't want public officials who run expensive campaigns -- as when they get into office that is all they know how to do.