Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Democrats cruise, of course. And first breath from Lamb is "AUDIT" from outside consultants

Of course the Ds won. But look at the telling statement from Michael Lamb. He wants an 'audit.' That is his pet word, as he said audit 412 times in our 30-minute debate. See the video at

From today's P-G:
Democrats cruise in other Pittsburgh City Hall contests 'Tomorrow, I'm going to be sending a letter to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority and the [City] Council asking them if they'd consider funding an audit of the controller's office,' he said. An accounting firm should pore over the controller's performance, he said.
Michael Lamb is calling for the audit to be done by an outside vendor. Lamb is the elected controller. Lamb is the person who is to do the audit. But in Lamb's first breath, he trys to pass the work of audits to others.

Furthermore, Lamb wants an audit of the auditors. These auditors that Lamb wants to audit are meaningless. The controller's office isn't worth an audit from outside auditors. The controller's office is redundant in this period of Pittsburgh's public government. The controller's office has been marginalized because of decades of miss-management and one-party rule.

I have said that the controller's office is like the fourth fiddle in a string quartet. Sitting in the first and second chairs are the overlords. Then comes city council. Then, finally, comes the controller. The controller's financial watchdog status is in the toilet. Calling for audits of those who should be doing audits is not the way to battle back to make the controller's office meaningful again.

Pittsburgh needs accountability from elected officials who are willing to do the hard work themselves. Accountability does not come from passing the buck to others who are not elected.

Within Michael Lamb's telling statement, there is more. Lamb wants to spend government money on a new study. Lamb wants to hire some foundation, accounting firm, or outside consultants. Lamb wants to pay them, with taxpayer money. Of course it is going to cost us -- the taxpayers. And, of course the payment is going to go to 'pay to play' benefactors.

Do you think Lamb intends to be putting up a public bid process for the outside audit of the inside auditors (controller's office)? Do you think that this will be a "minority contract?" Lamb really wants to look at how the city lets its contracts -- yeah right.

But here is the worst part. Michael Lamb is begging to the OVERLORDS. He just got elected with fricking percent of the vote, and his first statement within minutes to the press amounts to a puckering of his lips to kiss ass to the OVERLORDS.

Get off your knees.

Do it yourself.

Grow an audit on your own.

Spend less, not more.

Lamb might want to clean house -- but -- he knows he can't do it himself. If Lamb knew that he couldn't do the job himself, perhaps he should not have run for the position.

Oh, but let's not forget. Lamb needed a new government paycheck because his is about to expire at the end of the year.

I got 'crushed' in the election yesterday. Well, it seems to me, that's par for the course. The citizens of Pittsburgh are getting crushed everyday by its city government.

Make no mistake. As Michael Lamb says that he'll be sending a letter to the ICA (Intergovernmental Cooperatiion Authority) begging them to fund an audit of the auditors -- we (the taxpayers) are screwed.

Lamb's first step out of the gate is expensive begging for additional navel gazing that has nothing to do with freedom, liberty nor keeping our kids competitive and local.

Told ya.

Who wants to call that 'good government' now?

I'm crushed. Plus, I'm correct.

And happily, I'm free to blab about the mindlessness of the one-party folly and domination that will insure that the region's downward spiral sustains itself.

I went be back, starting today. walking to city hall talking about various news elements. I'll be back at next week's council meeting. Tonight's county council meeting and Thursday's county budget meeting might go on without me.

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Anonymous said...
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Urban Invisible Hand said...

U r so right, this is funny. His job is to control the funds and he first mission was to spend. Pittsburgh is on its way back to junk bond status.