Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dave for Council in District 1 -- email on election day

Well, another election has come & gone, and the outcome is now in the hands of the voters. And while our district & the city face enormous challenges & important choices ahead, one thing our team can pride itself in is having run a clean campaign & having worked diligently in getting our message of change out to voters. Though it was somewhat challenging at times, we were met with immense interest & favorable reception when meeting directly with voters. The consensus is clear. People are now ready to move forward, & they want to hear about the ideas that will improve Pittsburgh in the long run.

As this campaign comes to a close, I would just like to take an opportunity to personally thank the great many of you who have helped over the past 12 months. Along with longing for better leadership, many of you took precious time out of your personal lives to help in this campaign, and we would not have been able to make as many great in-roads across this great district had it not been for all your help. No matter what happens tomorrow, we made our mark and laid the roots which will allow voters to choose a new & progressive course when they are ready. Thank you again for all your help, and more importantly, thank you for the opportunity to have worked so closely with many of you. Great friendships were forged, new relationships established, and it has been quite an honor.

In closing, allow me to also take this opportunity to invite you to join us as we watch the results come in at our post-election night party. The polls open at 7am, and close at 8pm, and we will be meeting afterwards at Max’s Allegheny Tavern on the lower North Side, located at 537 Suismon Street (located on the corner of Middle Street, 1 block west of East Street). If you can’t make it, we will understand. However, whatever you do, please remember to vote. As we have seen in recent years in races at all levels, every vote does count and can make all the difference.

Greatest respects & God Bless,

Dave Schuilenburg

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Dave's cell phone, if you need to reach him on election day, is posted here:

(412) 589-1157 Mobile

I'll nuke this tonight.