Tuesday, November 20, 2007

District presses to close Schenley - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

District presses to close Schenley - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'I'm very concerned about the deteriorating condition in the building -- particularly the asbestos,' Patil said. 'The amount of monitoring and dollars it takes to keep it safe is almost unbearable.'"
Unbearable = Being left in the dark + Having no voice + Alternatives that won't work + Alternatives that are MORE expensive + resegragation of the community - (minus) - all colaboration.

I've come to understand that asbestos is NEVER used as a binding agent. If Mr. Roosevelt had attended one or two of the meetings that I've been too, he'd have heard of that fact. And, in turn, he'd begin to change his tune.

There is a dance that is going on and the administration is way out of step.

Last night, the $64-million price tag was used again. Now the price for the fix up is in the $40-ish M zone. They need to 'rehash' and 're-tell.'

It takes two to tango. Get in step PPS Administration. It is a crying shame, bitter shame, when the citizens are able to out-flank them. But, with folly, it is easy to do.


Anonymous said...

Mark, You are wrong about the binding agent thing.

Quick internet search=

I will change my position on the school if you will agree to be personally responsible for all cost overruns. That way the you have your school and the taxpayers are protected from a $100 million rehab job.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see so many famiar faces last evening at Frick. For those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, Mr. Lopez, Chief of High School Reform, gave a brief presentation on the proposed changes for Frick and Schenley and then answered questions from the floor. To me it was extremely informative, both in what he answered and what he evaded.

Because so many Schenley parents raised the question of transportation, Ms. Reed researched the transportation options. According to her, because of the bus way, it might be possible for some of our students to get to Reizenstein more quickly than to Schenley. The research that individual parents have done contradicts this but maybe Ms. Reed has information that the rest of us do not have available. She also promised to work individual plans for anyone who cannot figure their own which further raised my credibility gap.

When parents raised questions of safety, Mr. Lopez assured them that if they raised their expectations of behavior many of the problems would not materialize. He also said that they were discussing some type of satellite security in the East End just in case that he is wrong. They are still saying that the students will be separated but there are no details as yet to how that will be done.

A question was raised concerning high school sports. Mr. Lopez assured the students that 9th graders who made varsity would be able to participate. He did NOT give details on how a 9th grader at Frick leaving school at 3:30 pm will be able to make swim team practice at Reizenstein at 2:45, another one of those details to be worked out later.

Questions were asked about staff and physical adaptions that will need to be made to have the 9th graders continue at Frick. No answers. I would question the ability of the personnel dept. to supply the necessary world language teachers for the 9th graders. Are Frick's numbers low enough that one teacher per language can handle 6 thru 9? And during this transition year what happens to the advance math students who currently go to Schenley? Maybe we send them to 'Dice?

My impression from standing at the back of the room was that the students are not very happy with the proposed solutions, understandably so. What 8th grader wants to be told that his anticipated start of high school is going to be delayed a year! For those students who are not totally committed to IB, that could be a deciding factor in high school choice. And another thought that I just had, what happens to the kids from private schools that only go to 8th grade and traditionally go to Schenley? (Carlow, Pittsburgh Urban Christian School) The parents asked a lot of questions but seemed resigned to the plan, or maybe Frick parents are just more polite than Schenley parents. I probably missed a lot, so if anyone has anything to share with the group, please send it to me.

Letters to the Editor and the web site: It is great to see so many letters to the editor. If you have missed any of them, they are reprinted on the web site along with other pertinent information. http://saveschenley.netfreehost.com/

Please let me know if you no longer wish to receive my emails. I know that I have been bombarding mailboxes lately. If you know of anyone who might be interested in being on the list, have them send me an email.

amy moore

Mark Rauterkus said...

It is hard to change your position when you are already anonymous.

Mark Rauterkus said...

From the site you pointed to.
Chrysotile (white) asbestos was commonly used as a binding agent in resin, mastic, putty and flooring adhesives from the 40s through to the 80s. These are in the lowest risk category of asbestos containing materials because the product is composite and asbestos fibre release is unlikely. As with al asbestos products, care should be taken not to sand or scrape these products.

Yep. I got some different information.