Monday, December 03, 2007

Panther statue decorating pushed back to Jan. 10 - News

Wait until next year has new meaning for the birthing and re-birthing of Pitt's Cows. Well, NYC had the cows. Cinci had the pigs. The Burgh had the dinos. Next up -- Pitt's ten panthers.
Panther statue decorating pushed back to Jan. 10 - News After reviewing 26 proposals, the SGB selection committee gave the statues to Tau Beta Sigma (a band sorority), the Pre-Medical Organization for Minority Students, The Pitt News, Pitt's chapter of the American Chemical Society, the Panther Psychology Club, Pathfinders and the Black Action Society. The Inter-Fraternity Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the National Panhellenic Association will combine to decorate one of the statues. The Panthers for Israel, Hillel, the Muslim Students Association and the Saudi Student House will work together to create a statue, as well. SGB also took one of the statues for itself, which it has invited all students not involved with any of the nine other statues to help decorate.

Once painted, the statues will be placed in prominent locations around campus until homecoming next year, where they will be repainted by a new selection of groups.
Each year, a new suite of groups gets to repaint them.

The panther that was put up on campus next to the Pitt Student Union a few years ago has a story behind it. A deal was cut with Pitt's student government president to land the panther instead of generation of opposition to the removal of Pitt Stadium. The statue represents a sell-out bobble.

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