Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette and school insights

Don't worry. This was the year that the district was to focus upon 'discipline.' (giggle)
Pittsburgh Pist-Gazette Why couldn’t we do what was done when Ms. Pist was young? At that time in ancient history “bad kids” got sent to “bad kid schools.” These unruly delinquents were heavily disciplined in “special schools.” They were made to behave and as a consequence sometimes they actually learned. If their behavior improved, they could rejoin the mainstream schools. If not, then at least their disruptive (sometimes criminal) actions would not deprive other kids of a decent education.
The PPS opened a new school -- almost prison-like. It is run by outside contractors. It costs plenty. An update would be nice. You're on that with 'Conroy.'

Another school that would help -- a Vo Tech High School. Some kids get jazzed about working with their hands in real world situations. Some kids are not cut out for college.

Lots of kids who were attending South Vo Tech, before it closed, were in other high schools first. Then they opted out of that school and found a home and a 'family of learing' at South, unlike what the other schools offer.

Plus, we also have Schuman Center -- a 'jail for kids.' That too is busting at the seams.

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