Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Speaking of Police -- and the witch hunt

The conversation in City Council turned to the police again, today. OMG, I can't even believe how The FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) boss can talk about a 'witch hunt' in terms of the 'time out' that heads to officers who have been served with a PFA (protection from abuse order). He mentioned those words again today --
'witch hunt.' He used them before on Halloween, Oct 31. I thought he had to have been joking. On Halloween, it is easy to find a witch. Hunting isn't even that necessary. They find you that day.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

A 60-second promo of a show, speaking of police, that I've been soaking up via podcasts. http://www.freetalklive.com/files/FTLpromocorruptcops.mp3

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Anonymous said...

John K. says: FOP is right. Explain what are the protections for the police officer in this instance? And when was the last time a spouse was shot with a service pistol? Also, what is the safeguard to stop a spouse from taking advantage of this rule to make a false report just to get even or some other petty reason? The FOP is right, police deserve due process and a trial prior to conviction. But hey, when it comes to taking guns away from law abiding people, nothing stops a liberal.