Monday, January 21, 2008

[412] MLK Day -- its official. It is YOUR turn to stand for elected office in 2008

My latest email blast was sent around 3:15 pm on MLK day.
[412] MLK Day -- its official. It is YOUR turn to stand for elected office in 2008 #1. Today is MLK Day. I wish you the best. It is also a day when I've reached a few decisions.
The news reflects, in part, the blog's polling that was done. See the results on the left. I'll take them down shortly.

QUESTION: Should Mark Rauterkus stand for public office, again, in 2008?

Give it a break. Don't run. (58%)

Run for PA House. Stay active and engaged. (9%)

Run for US Congress. Shoot for a DC post. (7%)

Support Ron Paul as a deligate to the GOP Convention. (17%)

All the above -- as a Republican (7%)

All the above as a Libertarian. (8%)

Here is the 'inside story' that bloggers might wonder about, beyond the email blast.

Tom lives in Bellvue and is running for PA House as a R.

Michael Grant lives in Robinson and is running for PA House as a R.

The chair of the Allegheny County Libertarian Party, Dave Powell, and myself, vice-chair, had considered running for PA House. Both of us were going to run as Republicans. Dave Powell lives in the district of Lisa Bennington, D. She is a one-term member of the PA House. She is choosing to NOT run again. With the open seat, there are a ton of Ds seeking the nomination. Powell and I considered joining the R party and seeking R party nominations because of the ballot access issues that third party candidates face. We want to make a statement. The local Republicans are in debt and not able or willing to field candidates anyway. With us both doing the same thing -- it would have made for a stronger statement.

Dave just came back from a week in New Hampshire, working for the Ron Paul campaign. He has a young kid at home. Oh well.

Jim Roddey invited me to join the Republican party, not long ago. If Mr. Roddey wants to get the signatures for me and for Dave Powell -- then we should talk again. But, I won't hold my breath. In 2001, I remember asking Jim Roddey, then county chief executive, to sign my petition to allow me to get onto the R ballot as a candidate for mayor. He refused then. I wouldn't expect help now either.

We both understand the importance of running candidates in the city against the one-party machine. Yes, the D party isn't much of a 'machine.' Helping candidates in the burbs is fine. But, we crave more city opposition. We crave true 'diversity' and new thoughts on the campaign stump.

Furthermore, some races in the city are sure to heat up a bit. It is great to get people of other parties into the mix when the boil begins. Joe Weinroth ran for mayor and got some buzz along with the hype devoted to O'Connor, Peduto and Lamb. Challengers need to start earlier, not later.

Mark DeSantis blew many opportunities in 2007 by waiting to run for mayor and not getting onto the ballot in the primary. He was a 'write in' because he was late.

So, while I'm not yet a declared candidate for the 2008 spring season, I've not ruled out the 2008 general election nor any race in 2009.


Anonymous said...

You need to read "Because They Hate". NO one likes wars, especially those of us who are Veterans of Vietnam, but we have grown so comfortable here in the US that we can no longer view bigger pictures and the assault that has been launched upon us-NOT our choice-by radical Islam. I stand by President Bush's intentions to stop the assault and draw a line in the sand. He was wrong because, he like you didn't take the time to really read and understand that a democracy can not exist in an Islamic country, but to see and hear all of you knee jerk react to the war in Irag without a view of what's really at stake is infuriating to those of us can can read, write, and understand history.

RLB (Name REMOVED by blog owner as it came via email)

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the reply.

I agree, in part, that most here in the US are without a view of the big picture. Hence, I enjoy travel and times in China (and elsewhere) -- to gain better perspectives.

I'll do my best to get the book and read it in the weeks to come. Thanks for the tip.

Pres. Bush was wrong, also, because the war in Iraq was not a declared war. The US Congress needs to declare a war. It didn't. Same too for Afghanistan. War is not for the PRESIDENT to make by himself.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your decision to spend time with your family. Children grow so
fast. Politics will always be there.

Thanks for your good work.

M.D. (ph.d.)

Anonymous said...

I would really like to support Dr. Paul, believe me. He is the only
candidate in the race who understands and respects the Constitution. But when we have 6% of the world's population but consume 30% of its resources (a situation I like and wish to continue), extensive foreign intervention by our military and intelligence agencies is unavoidable. And I see nothing in the text of the Constitution against that.

"Kick their ass, take the gas, and nuke Mecca!"


Anonymous said...

What about the undeclared war by Thomas Jefferson to go against the Barbary Pirates?

"From the Halls of Montezuma to shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country's battles on the land and on the sea..."

Yes I support Paul also...but you should know that he is wrong on undeclared wars. There were other times that wars were undeclared when it was felt that US interests were at stake.

- Andy

Mark Rauterkus said...

IN an email: Ron Paul is also a long-time Anti-Semite, if that changes your view at all.


I've researched this position -- a bit. I do not get the same conclusion as you.

Sure, Ron Paul is NOT fond of giving money to Israel. Nor is he fond of giving MORE money to the other Arab nations (as the USA does now).
These other nations aim to remove Israel from the face of the world.
The US Arms the opponents of Israel more than it helps. Israel should
NOT be a step child of the US.

Ron Paul as an anti-Semite isn't proven to me. I feel that is just an ignorant attack on him that does NOT stick.

Same too about the attack of him being a white supremest. Nonsense.

I wait for a response.