Monday, January 21, 2008

Young at heart, make a donation today to freedom's most visible champion today, on MLK day, Ron Paul. Freedom isn't free.

Today, on MLK Day, presents another huge opportunity to make a contribution to the one person on the campaign trails who blends best with the messages of Martin Luther King, Jr. His message resonates for his honesty, its non-violence at home, peace abroad, and civil disobedience against tyrannical government.

Freedom fits everyone.

If you are against the idea of going into an illegal war, a war that was never declared by Congress, even if you are not a Republican, make a donation today.

Today is a 'money bomb.' I don't like that word -- money bomb. But, it has its effect. Today is the day to be a part of history with a donation. You'll be able to tell your grandkids decades from now that you remember giving Ron Paul a donation on a specific day back in early 2008, before the US invaded Iran. You can be a part of history with a donation today. And, it is so easy to do.

Ron Paul is has the most grass-roots support. Ron Paul's average donation at one time was $90. Giving $10 or $15 or $25 is fine!

In my most recent races for public office, I didn't solicit funds for my campaigns. I ran for city controller and spent less than $250. I got votes for less than four-cents each. But, Ron Paul is different. He is worthy of your donation. And, he has been isolated by the mainstream media. Fox excludes him from debates. Just the travels around the country is 'taxing' and 'expensive.' Ron Paul has been showing up. He is getting his message out as best he can. And now, people can't knock him because money talks and he doesn't have it. Well, Ron Paul is the one on the Republican side with the most money. And, he is being wise with the spending. Go figure.

When the next debate comes and Ron Paul is on stage -- while Fred is not and Rudy is broke -- if not absent -- he'll have time to shine.

Ron Paul is on the upswing. California, with its high tech sector, loves Ron Paul. Ron Paul won't tax the internet. Ron Paul spoke to the employees at Google months ago and was thrilled with the support he got then. It has grown.

Ron Paul does well in the silver state -- see below. And the golden state too! And, let's help him make another historical statement on this date -- the MLK date -- for the sake of everyone's freedom and prosperity.

The message below comes from Ron Paul.

January 21, 2008

What a shot in the arm the Nevada caucuses were, where we took the silver as #2, beating McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, and -- of course -- Giuliani. We also got four more delegates. In South Carolina, we beat Rudy again. A big thank you to all our wonderful donors, volunteers, and voters. So many people worked so hard to spread our message of liberty, honest money, peace, and free-market prosperity. I owe you all my deepest gratitude. So do our fellow citizens. So do all future Americans. Most of the mainstream media continue to pretend that we do not exist. Yet soon the race will be down to four candidates-Romney, McCain, Huckabee, and me, and there is no stopping us, as Tim Russert grudgingly pointed out the other night. Thanks to you, we are in this all the way through a brokered convention.

Nevada, by the way, is known as the Silver State for a reason-its great mining industry produced the precious metal for the beautiful silver dollars minted at the fabled Carson City mint. These constitutional coins, include .775 ounces of silver, in accord with the Coinage Act of 1792. Today these coins, worth $1 in my father's day, have about $14 in silver. That is, the dollar is worth 1/14th of what it was, thanks to the counterfeiting Federal Reserve.

The Fed has again taken our country into a terrible crisis. Who else is talking about honest money that cannot be printed up at will by DC bureaucrats? My opponents in both parties are all some variety of print-and-spend Keynesians. Only we are telling the truth, about who is to blame for this recession, and how we can build real prosperity with sound money, no IRS, no deficit, and strict obedience to the Constitution. And, of course, no hyper-expensive, hyper-dangerous empire all around the globe.

When I met with some great ladies in Charleston, all of whom wore beautiful hats, I talked about the young people flocking to our banner. "Don't forget the young at heart," said one. Darn right! A youthful outlook, work ethic, and optimism characterizes all of us. Frederic Bastiat predicted many years ago that liberty would be saved by the young. He might have added the young at heart as well, and how right he was!

I continue to be astounded not only by all our revolutionaries, but by our fellow travelers. Democrats and even the workers for my Republican opponents come up to me to talk about our ideas. They are fascinated, and want to learn more. Reaching so many people doesn't necessarily mean a victory in the next primary, but it counts for the real changes we want in our country, now and for our children and grandchildren.

Of course, I am mainly paying attention to the next primary! We are working hard in Florida, in Louisiana for the caucuses, and then for Super Tuesday in more than 20 states. Meanwhile, the whole world is watching how we do tomorrow in fundraising, on a day dedicated to the memory of Martin
Luther King, the great champion of non-violence at home, peace abroad, and civil disobedience against tyrannical government.

Please make your most generous donation . We can't let this movement be stopped, nor slowed. I promise you that I will continue to pour all my heart and mind and strength into the battle. I know you will too. Let's work together for all we love, and all we hope for: freedom! Surely, it is worth all our efforts.




Anonymous said...

My name is Vijay Boyapati, I'm Director of Operation Live Free or Die ( Some of you may remember me from the interview with Dr Paul at Google (skip to 42:31 in the interview - that's me).

I'm writing to you because we're at a turning point in Ron's campaign. In the short history of this Revolution we're in the best position we've ever been in. I don't mean to sound hyperbolic and nor am I exaggerating. Consider these facts:

- Two Republican Presidential candidates (Tancredo and Hunter) have dropped out of the race for want of both money and support. Along with Ron, Tancredo and Hunter were the only candidates truly strong on fixing illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a huge issue for many voters, and Ron is now the only candidate left with a sterling record on the issue.

- Fred Thompson has had no successes in any states and finished a distant third in South Carolina where he needed a strong result. He has little money and no grassroots support. It's very likely that he'll drop out of the race in the near future.

- While both Huckabee and McCain have won some states, neither has established a clear lead. Neither has significant financial resources, and both will struggle to advertise in the super Tuesday states.

- Rudy Giuliani has chosen a very risky strategy of focusing his efforts on Florida , and has done abysmally in every other state. If he doesn't post a victory in Florida his campaign will essentially be dead.

All the while, Dr Paul has has built an enormous war-chest that will allow him to be among the very few candidates who can afford to advertise in a significant way in the huge super Tuesday states (California, Illinois, New York etc).
Further, only a small fraction of the total delegates necessary for the party nomination have been decided. The Republican race is still wide open. We still have a terrific opportunity to shock the media and the country with a strong showing.

This is not the time for despair. It is not the time for complacency. It not the time to abandon the American Revolution. Now is the time for our greatest effort in the glorious cause of human freedom.

So I ask each of you to help us deliver a third huge fund-raising day for Dr Paul on January 21st (this Monday) by promoting this effort as much as possible in your meetup group:

The money we raise will allow Dr Paul to dominate the air-waves in the days leading up to super-Tuesday.

I also ask that you participate in a march in your city and contact your local press to let them know this is part of a national movement. Even if you're only able to march with 5 or 10 fellow supporters, you should do so. Together we'll show that ours is a national movement. That freedom is not forgotten in our beloved Republic. And that we will not stop the fight until our Government acknowledges our urgent entreaty: we demand liberty and justice for all Americans.

Vijay Boyapati, Director of Operation Live Free or Die.

Operation Live Free or Die

Anonymous said...

4 pm update

As most of you already know, today is another amazing fundraising day for Ron Paul!

We've just passed $1,000,000 raised for the day, representing donations from over 12,000 people, including more than 3,000 first-time donors!

If you haven't made a contribution yet, today is definitely the day to do it.

After Saturday's second-place finish in Nevada, let's make as big a splash in the mainstream media as we can. The media would like to silence Dr. Paul, but with your help, his message will be heard!

Make your most generous donation now:, and encourage all your friends and family to donate, too!

Jonathan Bydlak
Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008